Saturday, March 6, 2010

can you find these things?

Just returned from this city in New Mexico.  Do you know where the Organ mountains are located?

Insisted we drive to this highway rest stop

Told my buddies we would see a giant stainless steel roadrunner

Hey.....lady! Are you watching for the rattlers? Be careful!

O.K.....maybe it's not stainless steel
Can you find these things: spatula, belt, bowling trophy, sneakers, paint brush, comb, wire whisk, and black plastic hangar? C'mon.....try!

My friends were politely enthusiastic about seeing the unusual sculpture.  This was my reaction.

This was also my reaction when fellow blogger, T.J. gave me the Sunshine Award. Thanks T.J.! Hope the snow melts soon and I will pass it along to other sunshiny bloggers.

Did you find the items?  Where am I?

1 comment:

T.J. said...

What in the world??!! That is crazy, bizarre cool! It's like those kid toys that are a tube of beads with things hidden in it. Except it's a giant roadrunner. And it's huge. And there's things like spatulas hidden in it!!

That's a great reaction by the way, to both the bird and the award :)