Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ah do duh-cla-yuh! Swamp things!

Ah vistid a South Carolina swamp recently.  More intrestin' vahmints than you can shake a stick at!  Ah'd like to shayuh them with you.

Wanna peek at the gorgeousness?  OK...mah pleshuh. 

The swamp is beautiful and teemin' with lahf. The green scum coverin' the swamp has a pahticuluh name, but ah can't remembuh now, honeh.  The trees are heavy with Spanish moss.  They tol' us it isn't 'Spanish' or 'moss' an' it doesn't kill or devowah the trees.
The swamp is home to mennah varieteh of birds.
Raht now, their names have escaped me, too. Ahm sorreh. Thought this was a raht intrestin' bird and an outstandin' picshuh. You agree?
The birds have a puhfectly, ideal habitat an' rich sources of food. They were evrywayuh you the watuh an' in the trees.
This swamp fella was enjoyin' sunnin' himself on the log.  He lahks the green slahm!

You best evuh be careful! The gatahs are cruisin'.
Oh gracious no, honeh-chil'! I musta got the picshuhs mixed up!!
Shugah, fohgive me please.  This little thing isn't a swamp crechuh!  It's Bella, the Yorkie.  Don' you think she's as cute as a moon pie?  Ah shuhly do!  Preshus as a bohled peanut!

Ah'd lahk to shayuh more of mah picshuhs of things ah saw on my visit to South Carolina.  Vistid some great family in Columbia an' ah even sashayed a short trip to Chahlston.  Ate lots of grits an' fried green tomatahs.  Ah've many things to shayuh about the intrestin' suthun vacation.  The middle Sprout an' her husband were so gracious to include me in the fun.
I'll post some picshuhs in the futchah.
Mennah thanks for stoppin' by y'all.


Anonymous said...

It's called duckweed!

Kate said...

Ah believe you are right!!

erinw said...

You are too much! The pictures are awesome.

Kate said...

Erin, thanks for being such a faithful must be as crazy as me!