Friday, February 18, 2011

search for Spring

On a mission to document Spring! Grabbed the camera and tromped around the homestead with my wiener sidekick to take killer, artistic shots of the emerging season. I envisioned tender buds on shrubs, trees preparing to burst forth and shy crocus revealing their purple crowns above the snow.  I desired to show you, my fellow chicken-wingers, the gloriousness of the changing seasons.

Sniffing out Spring

What I found:  dead (or gravely injured) nandina, boxwoods with brown and frost-damaged leaves, and a couple of brave daffodil bulbs peeking up only to have their green tops brutalized by the recent cold snaps. Who wants to see a photo of such winter's carnage?? Not me.

Spring seems far, far away.

Like a distant galaxy.  Like Pluto.  It's there, but we can't see it with the naked (I said naked!!) eye.

I'm sure it's charging up the hill, streaking like a meteor.
But I must use the telescope to catch a glimpse.  Hey!....did you just see that....that shooting star??
The reminders of Winter are so.....ever-present.
And the promise of Spring is still just that.....a promise.
Winter and grayness are still the focus.  Spring may be coming....but it's blurry.
And it's carrying a ball.

Anticipatory love to all.


Anonymous said...

is that really ice and snow??? on the ground??? incredible. it is always green and blooming somewhere in the world, and it WILL be there soon.

Geek said...

I love your Roxy-Doxy, give her a belly rub for me.

Love you,


Shrinky said...

She may be tiny, but she has a huge spirit, that little baby of yours! Gosh, I feel cold just looking at these photo's, I can't believe how snow bound it still is over there - brrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

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