Saturday, June 25, 2011

meet me at the ballpark

Our local baseball team unveiled a new mascot at the ball park last night. Didn't have the privilege of being there, but OH....HOW I WISH I HAD BEEN THERE!

Seems the team owner/manager ordered the costume (we are the Sox!) but didn't have time to check it out before the mascot started pressing the flesh. Read all the sordid details HERE.

Voila-instant classic mascot and how to trend on Twitter!! I'd like to shake his hand....or whatever. Wouldn't you love to have your photo made with the new, energetic and virile Amarillo Sox mascot?
Looks like a sock to me!

Are you feelin' the Sox love?! You've gotta's kinda hard living in Amarillo right now. We broke the temperature record yesterday....the thermometer registered 113 degrees at my house. We've got at least another week of extreme heat ahead of us. We are in the midst of the worst drought ever recorded. We are crackly dry and most every day a fire flares up somewhere. It's damn depressing here right now. Never seen anything like this.

Maybe this mascot is just the ticket to lift us back to life!
Take me out to the ball game!
See ya at the ballpark!

3 strikes and yer out love to all.


Anonymous said...

humor like this can't e planned. what about the person who actually WORE the costume...embarassment and hot.

hope weather gets back to bearable and a little moist soon.

here, the weather is perfect, and we do not take it for granted.


Kris said...

Thanks for the link.

T.J. said...

Where on earth do you find this stuff Kate??? No way this good of a photo was right in your back yard!!!

I couldn't even read a sentence of your post before my eyes wandered over to the photo and in disbelief, I started laughing!! Oh my goodness!

T.J. said...

PS: don't you DARE TELL my beloved Red Sox about this- our mascot Wally will do just fine, thank you.