Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new dog, old dog

I think I have shown some of you a couple of photos of the new puppy at the horse barn.

If you haven't yet gazed upon this cuteness....steel yourself for a major cute overload!

Boo...the new border collie/heeler mix pup
This pup is love incarnate....pure fun, kisses, nips and rip-roarin' energy!

This face transforms me into a gooey, baby-talking idiot.  Boo....ah-Boo...ah wuv ewe!
Those eyes...absolutely guileless
Boo is now at the horse barn involving herself in her puppy affairs.  Those affairs include biting the reins on your headstall, grabbing the lunge line (while a horse is lunging on the other end) and hanging by her teeth with legs dangling, and searching for an acceptable rhythm to her day.

Let's ask the resident barn dog, red-heeler Perry how she feels about the new arrival.

Hey Perry.....howgoesit with the new puppy? You guys getting along?
C'mon Perry! It can't be THAT bad!! Turn over and let's play some ball!
You don't feel like getting up to greet me today? That's OK, tell me all about how rough it's been with the addition of the new puppy?
That bad, huh?!

Old dog love to all. ***scratch, scratch***


T.J. said...

You know I'm a sucker for dog talk!!! Kisses to canines both young and old XOXOXO

Shrinky said...

Oh, I'm just a melted puddle of smiles now - how gorgeous are they? Love, love, love these pooches, aren't they darlings?

Anonymous said...

Gosh Boo...are you blue? We'll kiss it and make it better!