Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 groups of people

More observed signage
One of these doors was propped open with a rock.

A small, polite sign didn't get the job done, hence the barricade.

Is there a 'cool down' arena?

Well, what about Union county, or Quay county....huh?  Braggard.

Don't you dare put urine or dixie cups in this pile!! Or urine in dixie cups.

This driver is in love with his corgi. I'd need a stretch limo for my dachshund sticker.

OK, here's the important sign. I think you can divide the world into 2 groups of folks.  Those who find this bumper sticker highly humorous.

And those who say, 'What the....'
I'm thinking about starting a SCD group and writing a theme song for the cause such as, We Are the World. Oh, and a ribbon....I need a ribbon on my hat or collar to promote the SCD cause.
Join me, won't you in stamping out SCD?  We don't need any more (or less) continents anyway-it's difficult enough to it a country or a continent?  Be one of the original movers and shakers in this earthy group.  Perhaps there will be a speaking role for you in the upcoming documentary When  Cantankerous Continents Collide.  Can we say No-bel.....?


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Uhhh.... how does one go about stopping continental drift anyway? Really big bolts? Super D Duper Glue?

T.J. said...

just as my Dad says there is no such things as Global warming, he'd probably also say something like TJ don't be silly the continents have already drifted- there's 7 remember?!

I'll be your treasurer if you ever start the SCD group.