Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter awwwwws

Thought I'd spread some Easter happiness to you today.

This photo makes me happy. It makes me giggle.

I can hear you.....' please, get HELP!' You are shaking your head in pity.  I justify dressing up the doxy in humiliating baby clothes from's to learn to use my'll make me more proficient in photoshop elements.  Naw, it's just plain amusing.

Have the happiest and most blessed Easter ever!  Love to all.


T.J. said...

This is the freakiest, most technicolor, dog costumed AMAZING Easter card anybody has ever sent me. Awww, thanks Kate and have a wonderful Easter yourself :)

Michael said...

I tell you what! Poor Roxi...if she would like I can come get her. I also have plenty of tennis balls for her to play with and no dressing up. Well unless she likes it.