Monday, July 19, 2010

8th wonder of the world

Short and sweet Monday.

I have discovered the 8th wonder of the world!   The cure for crotch-picking and wedgie-wrangling. The cure for VPL that doesn't try to stuff a size 12 into a size 4.
Are you ready?

I'm wearing these right now and I am comf-ter-bull. Not pickin' my seat.
TMI, TMI?......sorry.

Are you a man reading this? Look away, now.

Here's what is delighting my derriere.

These are called vanishing edge panties from Soma Intimates. They come in all styles and they have some 'sticky' strips along the border to keep things where they belong.
You're welcome.

Disclaimer: Soma does not know I exist, nor that I am blissfully happy wearing their intimates. I would not be above taking cold cash from Soma for this endorsement, but so far they haven't offered.


Kate said...

I tell you, it's as if technology will just never stop.

T.J. said...

and I thought MP3 players and car seat heaters were advancements!!!!

PS: I love "The Climb" too shhhh!!! ;)

mythopolis said...

Oh, seriously! Do you think a man would look away from that?! I'm a man, and I can tell you a woman's undies are like a tropism. The way a flower turns it's face to the sun. We can't help it. We HAVE to look! (Thanks for letting me have a little fun on your site!)