Monday, July 26, 2010

short and simple Monday

The start of another week smack in the heart, the core, the essence of summer.  Beer, mosquitoes, fresh tomatoes, potato salad, the flag, fishing, blueberries, hand cranked ice cream, cherry cobbler and reggae on my mind.
Some things tickling my fancy.

Dove babies in my front yard.

There is a 'water' photo contest going on at Pioneer Woman. I don't have the skillz to really enter.....but should that stop me from trying? No, I say!
I won't lie...I love this photo. The colors, the whimsy, the fun. Looks like a print ad. Only thing is....what am I advertising? You be the judge.

Thanks to the Sprouts and the In-Laws for letting us come to the lake yesterday. Good times. Too many skiing, tubing, wipe out photos to bore you.
Promised the Sprout NO bikini photos on the blog. Hope she can swallow this one.  Struck me as a great metaphor for living life this week.  Thumbs up, square on, safety goggles (just in case!), and armed with a big smile.
Thumbs up love to all this week.


T.J. said...

hey- that photo is perfect I think- good for you for entering- can't wait to see what happens! Mmmm for homemade ice cream, I have a pile of peaches and ginger ready to be turned into some soon!!!

tattytiara said...

I love that photo too - it really makes me want to have wet feet, right now!

Dove babies, aw! Also a gorgeous shot.

mythopolis said...

Found you via Tatty. Cool (It is sweltering hot here) photos. Do you know where Rosenky, Tx is? I have a friend there. I'm not sure I can even find it on the map, but it is in west Tx, somewhere.

Karissa said...

You are amazing!! I LOVE your work. :P I have something for you that found to oh so cute! I miss you....Karissa