Monday, September 20, 2010

fair play: questions

Hello fellow Chicken Wingers.'s that time of year.  State Fair!!  Just returned from the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque to show the lovely equines.  I've got more State Fair fun facts than you can shake a roasted turkey drumstick at.
All this week....Lord willing....I'll be sharing crazy fair impressions with you.  It would behoove you to keep stopping by.  Don't miss a moment of the silliness.  Or miss the animals.  Or miss the rides.  Or the giant midway foods!  Some fair mysteries to whet your fairical appetite.

Why is this clean-cut young man rapping an innocent pig with a stick in front of rowdy onlookers?
What is the purpose of the horse huddle? this a brazen example of public prayer****gasp!****??
Is the serious young lady about to hurl her texas taters?
Uh....huh......can't think..of..a....thing........I'm rendered speechless.  Enjoy.
Now,  for the MOST DISTURBING've NEVER seen anything this debased.  It'll scare the h-e-double L out of ya!  Hold on to your footlong corny dog!
Silence of the Lambs....Goat Edition!  How many hapless homo sapiens did this wicked goat consume before the fair police chained him to the fence in his Anthony Hopkins mask??!  Or, is the goat simply too fond of fava beans and liver?  look on top of the cage for the body......
Have the best Monday ever.  Remember....Fair Fun ALL WEEK on this blog.  Check back.
Midway love to all.


Anonymous said...

this should be interesting.

Shrinky said...

hahaha, oh my goodness, I have never before seen a goat held in custody like that - and he sure looks cross about it, too!

Sounds a wonderful event, your pictures are fab (is that REALLY an advertisement for a freak show??). I look forward to stopping by for more laughter (hugs).

Kate said...

Oh, oh, oh, I love fairs! Almost as much as I love fair observations. Finally, a Monday-morning reason to believe this will be an excellent week. Can't wait.

Also. I was not aware that snakes had breasts. Perky ones, at that.