Friday, September 24, 2010

fair play: rides!

The ultimate fair post.  Aren't you ecstatic?  Are you sure your stomach is empty....NO giant dill pickles, please!  You've taken your dramamine and secured your valuables.....let's rock n roll.

One moment you are relaxing on a giant couch with a few sticky, sweaty friends.  The next moment finds you hurled into the air on a giant sofa-moving arm.  Nobody gave you the remote control.
I thought I left the Texan at home, but I had a strange feeling of glimpsing him on the Midway.  Funny.

Next stomach-emptier....the Zipper.  This ride involves being strapped in a cage.  You won't get down til it's your turn, no matter how much screaming!
Ready to scale the highest mountain range in the world?  Climb Mount Everest and K2?  Have your oxygen ready.  Be alert, you might spot the rare snow leopard.
I can't shake the sensation that the Texan is somewhere nearby.  Maybe I should call him.

Finally, my FAVORITE fair photo.  The quality isn't the was a challenge to catch the fast, dark action.  Wish it was better, BUT
How GREAT is this?  You must study each and every child's face.  They tell a story and they are each magnificent.....if I do say so myself.  This capture puts a silly grin on my face.
Are you more likely to hold onto the safety bar in this ride of life, or are you the gal with her hands up?  Either way is long as you're happy and enjoying yourself.
Thanks for reading my series on the Fair this week.  Never done a series before.  Let's all take a break. Hope your weekend is full of thrills, bright lights and fun.  Hands-up love to all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks K.
I think I remember such fairs.
Great pics.

Kate said...

Personally, I always prefer the Fun House, or the Mardi Gras House, or the Carnival House, or whatever they choose to call it. Five million tickets to see yourself in three extra-distorted funhouse mirrors. It's enough to make me want (or stay away from) a giant deep-fried butter ball.