Friday, October 15, 2010

gracias Senor!

All of you witnessed it.  The capsule being hoisted out of the ground with a previously entombed miner.  Thirty-three times (plus the rescue workers) we witnessed a miraculous rebirth.  Another chance at life.  Miners pointing to the sky, or making the sign of the cross, or kissing Mother Earth.  Some miners fell to their knees in humble, thankful prayer.  Made me think I should spend more time there....not in Chile, but on my knees.

The shirts with the word Gracias Senor! (thank the Lord, or thank God) emblazened across the front seemed appropros.

Lots of dedicated folks deserve a big Gracias shout-out.  No doubt about it.  Thanking El Senor is a good place to start.

I haven't been lifted out of a dark, hot mine into the blinding light....not literally.  But most days I recognize the blessing of warm sunshine in my life. Gracias Senor! Day.  I'm giving the Big Man a shout out for those miners.  I'm giving Him an extra shout out for the love of my family.  I'm even shoutin' out for the opportunity to blog.  Yup....and for you, too.

You got a gracias for El Senor?   Don't be shy....leave your shout out in the comments and we'll all be grateful together.

Have a glorious weekend.

sunset windmill


Kate said...

We've had a craptacular week in the family as of late, but I guess I can scrounge up some thanks: Gracias, Senor; for even when the going is tough, we're going it all together. Plus, I never have to be a miner. (I don't think.) (Oh, great. I totally just jinxed that, didn't I?)

(So glad the actual miners are out...)

Anonymous said...

Miners had 24 hour, non stop coverage in Brasil. ...and it was a beautiful miracle to witness, something which gives everyone pause to stop and think about their own lives and see their blessings.

Hope crap comes off off boots soon without too much mess or smell.
Hang in their.

hugs and kisses

Sibyl - alternaview said...

Gracias is definitely in order. What a great way to end the week. It is always so great when we can come together and be reminded of the beauty that comes from working together for something.

Shrinky said...

It was such a joyful conclusion to that dire situation, wasn't it? Isn't it great to have good news to celebrate? Hopefully, this will also shine a light to help improve the appalling working conditions too many people are forced to endure.

I am truly grateful my family are safe, secure and given the opportunity of a bright, happy future - it's all too easy to take these fundamental things for granted.

T.J. said...

Amen to that! The whole miner event slapped me into the reality of what I have, what I need to appreciate and all that I need to give thanks for.

Happy El Senor Day to you :)