Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dog skills

Nothing earth-shattering today....thank God.

Here's a treat.....helping you scale the mid-week hump.

 two short videos for your Wednesday chuckling pleasure.

Beautiful, intense grand-dog Rose playing her favorite game with the Texan.

Equally intense wiener dog.  This is her default setting when she wants for, a hug, going outside, her blankie, a rawhide chewy, to be picked up, etc.  I witness this scene numerous times a day.

Does this explain my......err....hmm....certain unique mindset?  (freakin' crazy!)

I'm sitting up enthusiastically waving to you...right now!!  Give me a treat and revel in the rest of your week.
That's all, people.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Wiener Dog never fails to impress. I was trying to model walking on a curb for Aura not that long ago and fell off no fewer than five times. So. I envy those with such...balance.