Thursday, November 4, 2010

let's have funia!

Don't count me among those on the razor's edge of internets technology.  I test my skills to the max every time I post a photo on this blog.

I want to tell you about a freaky FUN website.  It's called PhotoFunia.  I discovered it on my cousin's Facebook page! (Thanks, Lori)  It's probably been around FOR-EV-ER and most of you have been using it a looooonnnnngggg time and I'm the last one to discover such a great, interactive website.  Oh...and hey....have you guys heard about MySpace??

Anyhoo....PhotoFunia is E-Z to use.

You just look at their effects page.

Choose an effect and upload one of your favorite photos.

And you're done.(mr bikey, mr bikey...hey...look)

Makes your pics look all urbane and cool.

Like Andy Warhol.

Like cutting-edge, 4-story high prairie dogs.(with nipples!)

Some of your photos can even look sexy, eh?
As a memorial, I used the rare bird photo for this one.
If you want to read the tear-evoking story of the dastardly fate of the rare bird, you can at

Once you recompose yourself......have a funia day.  Photo-y love to all.


laudie,laudie said...

What a fun site. I did not know about
it either.Luv the pics you made.

T.J. said...

ha ha! Such a fun post for me to read on a Friday :) Looks like you had loads of fun with those photos!

Bilal Kamoon said...

Yes, PhotoFunia is a great site..
too bad I already knew it (no bragging :P)
I also liiiiike to use it for editing embarrising photos of my friends and posting it on their Facebook walls :P :P